Bbb: Medical Alert Scam Targets Seniors

Scammers targeting seniors with medical alert system

These calls are not made by Life Alert, the company says on its website. All of these are telemarketing scammers trying to mislead and defraud consumers by using our trademarked name so they can get your address, credit card number and bank information to charge you. The BBB warns consumers to beware of the following red flags: Free offers: Be wary of free offers that require you to pay a handling charge or other fees. In the case of medical alert systems, ask if there are additional monthly service charges. If the telemarketer says a friend or family member bought the unit, ask for the name of the person and verify the payment with that person before agreeing to anything. Scare tactics: Being trapped in your own home with no way to call for help can be a scary situation for anyone, but for many seniors, it can be a realistic scenario. Dont fall for scare tactics. Calls for immediate action: If the caller says, This offer is good for today only, hang up.
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Security system scam alert

A few days later, she received another call, also from California, but from a different number. That time, a live person encouraged her to set up an appointment to install the system at her house, but McCord hung up the phone. “I couldn’t understand why they were calling me, and then when he was so insistent it was free, I was pretty sure,” she said. When attempting to call the number, there is no option to talk to anyone about installing the system. “I’m afraid that there are people who really need the medical alert system, who can’t afford it, and when they hear it’s gong to be free, it’s a relief,” McCord said. “I really think people will fall for it.” McCord recently signed up for Medicare and she suspects that it how the scammer got her phone number. She filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.
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National Silver Alert Act could save lives of adults, seniors who wander

BBB Serving Greater Cleveland has reported an influx of inquiries in recent days about a company using a variety of different names such as Medical Emergency, Medical Alert Company, First Alert Company, Life Alert USA, and Medical Alarms Hewlett. The company claims to be offering a free medical alert system and tells the listener that the system will be provided to them because a family member or a friend believes they should have it, and that the system and shipping is already paid for. In many cases, seniors who have provided their bank account or credit card information to verify their identity have found they were charged the monthly service fee, usually around $35.00, then the system never arrived or they had trouble returning it and obtaining a refund. A Cleveland woman reported to BBB in mid-May that Medical Alarms Hewlett called her, offering a new system. At first, she thought it may have been the same brand her late husband had used. When the product arrived, she realized it wasnt the brand she assumed it was and called the company to get directions to return it. The company hung up on her at first, but she eventually got through to someone who told her to ship it back to Life Alert USA at a Lynbrook, NY address. (BBB records show a company named Lifewatch, Inc. at that address.) She is still disputing a $34.95 monthly service fee that was debited to her account.
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US plans ‘Silver Alert’ to find missing seniors

While West Virginia has been fortunate enough to have only needed the system a handful of times, it has been successful with returning those individuals home safely. A strong communication network is critical to first-responders when an adult or senior citizen goes missing, lawmakers say. The Silver Alert, which is modeled after a successful West Virginia program, has the potential to greatly improve the way we locate missing adults and seniors by allowing for coordination and support across jurisdictions, Rockefeller said. Laurel Kirksey, executive director of Alzheimers Association, West Virginia Chapter, said since the Silver Alert has been in place, it has helped with locating missing adults and senior citizens. She said six out of 10 adults with Alzheimers disease will wander. You want to give people with Alzheimers disease and dementia their independence but also want to guarantee their safety, Kirksey said. Silver Alert legislation helps ensure coordinated efforts by law enforcement to put out immediate action on any adult with cognitive impairment who has wandered. We strongly encourage lawmakers support this piece of legislation as we believe the model that has been successful in our own state can save lives across the country.
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December 20, 2013 2 Photos The first day of winter arrives at 12:11 p.m. Saturday afternoon in Edgecombe County. According to forecasters, it will feel anything but wintry. December 20, 2013 1 Photo Target is grappling with security and a public relations nightmare just as the holiday shopping season is wrapping up. December 20, 2013 CHARLOTTE A record number of North Carolinians 2,826,500 will travel 50 miles or more for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday, according to AAA Carolinas. December 20, 2013 A group of about 50 educators, parents and community members met Tuesday evening in the media center of C.B.
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BBB Warns Seniors of Deceptive Telemarketing Calls Offering Free Medical Alert Devices

View gallery Chairman Senator John Rockefeller, D-WV, speaks during the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing March 1, 2012 at the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC (AFP Photo/Mandel Ngan) Washington (AFP) – Capitalizing on the success of urgent “Amber Alert” bulletins that help authorities find missing children, US lawmakers introduced a similar program for the elderly Tuesday that they hope to implement across America. If passed by Congress, the legislation sponsored by six US Senate Democrats would create a “Silver Alert” aimed at helping locate missing senior citizens suffering from conditions such as dementia. The system is already in place in a handful of states, but lawmakers like Senator John Rockefeller of West Virginia want to take the program nationwide. “The Silver Alert, which is modeled after a successful West Virginia program, has the potential to greatly improve the way we locate missing adults and seniors by allowing for coordination and support across jurisdictions,” Rockefeller said in a statement. The bill is backed by groups like the Alzheimer’s Association and the National Sheriffs’ Association. “Every day, the families of those suffering with dementia live with the fear that their loved one will go out and forget the way home,” Senator Chris Coons said, noting that adults with medical conditions are “especially susceptible to illness, injury, or death if they are not found within 24 hours.” According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.2 million Americans 65 or older are living with Alzheimer’s, a condition characterized by memory loss, confusion with time and place, and decreased judgment. That number will only grow, as the nation’s large “Baby Boomer” generation ages. Health
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Woman Makes Fashionable Medical Id Bracelets

It’s my personality not to take much from people, so it was fun for me.” Now Carlson’s fun comes from watching her business flourish. With nearly 20 full-time employees, she’ll one day need a larger office. Large or small, she said providing the bracelets to those who need them is her definition of success. “We sell products to people who are either dealing with medical conditions or they are buying something for someone they love who’s dealing with a medical condition. Our jewelry makes a difference to these people. It’s a potentially life-saving piece of jewelry. I love providing something that helps people,” she said. Lauren is now in her 20s and is living in Dallas and working as a makeup artist.
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Medical ID bracelets go glam to save lives

Growing up I remember my diabetic grandpa had a huge, metal bracelet he was supposed to wear to let everyone know about his diabetes. I’m not sure why he never wore it. The good news is medical bracelets these days have changed! As a person with a major health condition or allergy, medical ID’s can be very valuable. (Beware Bandits) are super cool! They have Bandits for all kinds of allergies and medical conditions. says Pam Jordan author of the Im a Celiac blog. Rick Russell, President and CEO of American Medical ID, said, When I talk to people about medical ID bracelets and pendants, most people assume that they are only for an older demographic, but the reality is that we have customers of all ages.
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Medical ID Bracelets: The $15 Lifesavers

Other types embed flash drives, or are engraved with toll-free numbers, to allow first responders access more extensive personal medical information. But the Text ID jewelry is the first to employ short message service, or text, technology. The bracelets cost $15 to $50, depending upon the design, and are available at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Ralphs, Albertsons and Kroger, among other retailers. [Updated Nov. 1, 2011, 4:25 pm.: The original version of this post said the jewelry was available at the listed retailers. Only the brochures are available at the retailers. The jewelry must be ordered through the brochure, online or by phone.] With the TextID bracelets, information can be accessed within seconds of an emergency responder sending a text to the five-digit number on the ID.
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Although quick response codes have been placed on jewelry before, it has primarily been for medical histories.

social media video marketing tools

Save Lakewood, CO — ( SBWIRE ) — 11/25/2013 — My Identity Doctor offers exclusive medical ID bracelets to ensure quick & accurate medical care in case of emergency. Their medical alert bracelet is a great lifesaving companion that offer all the important medical information accurately and precisely engraved on it. This convenience for paramedics is priceless and provides the appropriate care quickly and accurately to the patient. They offer medical ID bracelet for men, women and children in various designs and materials, from complete metal bracelets to bracelets with leather straps. Medical IDs can be a great lifesaving accessory which helps to convey the medical status of a person to paramedics. My Identity Doctor helps people to have a medical identity neatly engraved in a bold and black font to make it absolutely clear and easy to read for a paramedic to access their medical information.
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American Medical ID Adds Beware Bandits Line to Product Mix

Take medical alert jewelry. The notion goes back more than 50 years, when simple bracelets and necklaces noted a wearer’s medical condition, a great idea that can help emergency personnel provide faster treatment. As smart of a product as it was, some people were reluctant to wear such items because they were so pedestrian. Who, after all, considers the rod of Asclepius a fashion statement? “Traditionally, they’ve been fairly generic, not so attractive,” said Rick Russell, president of American Medical ID, which for 16 years has been creating medical IDs that are more like jewelry. The idea of devices that provide information for emergency personnel has since evolved, of course. But the most common items are still jewelry necklaces, bracelets, dog tags and the like.
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Medical ID bracelet uses texting to relay emergency info [Updated]


Ryan, Brouhard, and Cordero say that as first responders, they’ve never called an 800 number – mainly because they’re too busy addressing the emergency situation. The information is helpful later, however, in the hospital, especially if the patient hasn’t been to that facility. Matlak says that she sees many patients whose incomes don’t allow expensive medical alert products and services, and she advises them to buy the diabetes bracelets that drugstores sell for $10 to $15. In emergencies “they work just as well as the others,” Ryan says. “As long as it’s visible, we’ll see it and know what’s going on.” All sources interviewed for this article said that medical alert ID should be worn on the body, preferably around the wrist or neck. “Something that’s on the person is going to be much more beneficial than something like a backpack tag,” says Andrea Hulke, national outreach manager for JDRF. “Who knows when you’re going to have an emergency? If it’s not on you, it’s not beneficial.” My Choice I opted for a simple sterling silver beaded bracelet with a standard ID tag.
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My Identity Doctor Offers Exclusive Medical ID Bracelets to Ensure Quick & Accurate Medical Care in Case of Emergency

While there have been medical ID jewelry pieces produced with these barcodes, the latest development is different. Now, QR codes are appearing on actual ID bracelets in order to help to bring lost children back to their parents. This could be a very promising way to reduce a vulnerability among children with autism a condition that is estimated to impact one in 80 to 100 children. Kids who are on the spectrum often have a tendency to take off, and as many are nonverbal or struggle to express themselves when they are upset such as when they have been found by a stranger it can be difficult for them to find their ways back to their parents when they have gone missing. The QR codes can help to give people the opportunity to assist autistic children in returning home. These quick response codes can be scanned by a person with a smartphone if a child has wandered away from home or has become separated while in a crowd or in public. Scanning the barcode is a quick and simple process and will advise a helpful person of the childs condition and provide information regarding ways that the parents can be contacted so that the child can be returned to them.
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High-tech Gadgets Monitor Seniors’ Safety At Home

Senior Safety Tips: Avoid The Dangers of Fires, Falls and Medication Errors


Living at home specialists call it aging in place is what most people want for their later years. Americans 40 and older are just as worried about losing their independence later in life as they are about losing their memory, according to a recent survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Common-sense interventions like grab bars in bathrooms and taping down rugs to prevent tripping can make homes safer as seniors deal with chronic illnesses. Technology is the next frontier, and a far cry from those emergency-call buttons seniors sometimes wear to summon help. Already, some companies are offering monitoring packages that place motion sensors on the front door, a favorite chair, even the refrigerator, and then send an alert to a family member if there’s too little activity over a certain period of time. Other gadgets can make pill bottles buzz when it’s time for a dose and text a caregiver if it’s not taken, or promise to switch off a stove burner that’s left on too long. Researchers at the University of Missouri aim to go further: Their experiments show that certain automatic monitoring can spot changes such as restlessness in bed or a drop in daytime activity that occur 10 days to two weeks before a fall or a trip to the doctor or hospital.
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Promoting senior safety

The location has been determined, the food has been secured, and we are going to act out a scenario of a murder. The seniors are going to have to solve the murder using observation skills and the information provided in the skits. Carver Transportation will provide transportation to the secret event. Bassett said she is looking forward to the event. The TRIAD program is an honor to be a part of, she said. To be a part of a program where I meet seniors and end up considering them friends these senior citizens speak of their childhood, their families, their children; they know all about my children.They truly are friends, and I am honored to be part of their group. Other upcoming events include a holiday party at the Upland Club Thursday, Dec. 4, and a November meeting to begin planning for next years events. I think senior citizens are one of the age groups that dont utilize the police department services enough, Bassett said.
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Senior Safety Nets at Risk in 2011

Keep a Vial of Life in the home: The kit contains your important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment. First responders will have your medical history at their fingertips. The Vial of Life tells a patients story even if she isnt able to. Preventing Senior Falls Almost a third of seniors will experience one or more falls this year and 57% who have fallen will fall again within the next year. According to the Centers for Disease Control, falls are the leading cause of injury death for senior adults. An active lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of falls, but doesnt completely eliminate the danger. Here are other ways to help seniors avoid falls: Get regular eye exams: Bifocal lens can distort depth perception, particularly when the wearer is going down stairs or downhill. Seniors should have their eyes checked at least once a year and consider getting single vision lens for wear during outside activities.
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Monitoring gadgets

“So, you have the two big programs Social Security and Medicare with no big problems next year, and Medicare may even be a little better,” Certner concludes. The picture will be different at the local level, he says: “I think this year that we’re coming into is going to be extremely difficult at the state level.” Certner expects the greatest pressure for cutbacks in home and community-based support programs for older residents. “When states are under pressures to cut their Medicaid services, these are the first things that have been cut,” he says. Every year, nonprofits and government agencies scrap for additional funding as an aging society raises the demand for senior services. But now, the funding competition has become more intense. The size of the economic pie is shrinking, and there is fighting over each piece of that pie. “When you don’t have the money, you can only do so much,” Certner says.
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Connectyx Acquires U.s.a. Medical Monitoring Services

Milestone Supports Health & Safety Monitoring 24/7at Bam Nuttall; Highway Services XProtect Express integrated with Paxton Net2 access control

Medical Monitoring Services 9/17/2012 9:23 AM ET Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. ( CTYX.PK ), a Florida-based healthcare BPO, Monday said it acquired U.S.A. Medical Monitoring Services LLC, a personal emergency response services or PERS provider, through twenty million one year restricted shares and five million warrants with an exercise price of $0.02 expiring October, 2017. Under the agreement, Connectyx added it acquired the assets, but not the liabilities of U.S.A. Medical. These assets include customer accounts with monthly recurring revenue, inventory, website, marketing material and contracts among others, said Connectyx in a statement. Friday, the stock closed at $0.00 on the OTC market.
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Medical home monitoring services with integrated connectivity—Do Baby Boomers agree?

A new drug monitoring website, eHealthMe, provides an enormous database of drug interactions for these individuals. Company representatives note that a drug monitoring subscription provides immediate notifications on serious drug reactions detected by eHealthMes algorithmic data analysis system. There is no charge for a basic subscription. Subscribers are asked to personalize their personal drug monitoring service by entering their age, gender, medications, and medical conditions. eHealthMe notes that its continuously expanding database currently contains more than 40 million drug outcomes and 45,000 drugs, vitamins, and supplements thus, it can provide instant, research-backed alerts on essentially every drug. The website contains extensive data extensive data on side effects and adverse reactions for individuals with a similar background to theirs. It also has a drug comparison feature, which compares side effects for similar drugs.
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Innovations in Allergy Treatment and Monitoring (Technical Insights)

More than 200 million people in Europe and the US suffer chronic disease that could be handled at home rather than the hospital with remote monitoring, according to the Administration on Aging (AOA). My friend, Steven Dean, Freescales Medical Market Lead for the Americas, discusses his companys Home Health Hub (HHH) Reference Platform on his blog Medical by Design as it relates to this very important topic of remote patient monitoring. The HHH recently won the prestigious EETimes / EDN ACE Award at Design West for best Development Kits, Reference Designs & SBCs. More than half of all Baby Boomers said that they would rather age at home than assisted living, retirement homes, etc. The signing of the Telehealth Advancement Act of 2011, by California Governor Jerry Brown may be a strong driver in the growth in the remote health monitoring market . The law, which was passed last month, reduces the restrictions about who can provide care using telehealth-expanding eligibility to all licensed healthcare professionals.
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Drug monitoring service now available

Gay waitress a liar

These include pollens from many plant species that are new to certain regions , for instance ragweed pollen, originally from North America and have been spreading in Europe in the past few years. Furthermore, the climate changes due to global warming may appear to be another factor that will allow spreading of new allergens into different regions in the future. 2. Allergen specific immunotherapy has shown to potentially improve quality of life, reduce long-term costs and burden of allergies. Several appropriately designed and powered clinical trials have proven its good safety profile and effectiveness in allergic rhinitis, asthma and venom allergy. 3. Immunomodulation therapies with biologics which are based on elucidation of molecular and cellular mechanism have been widely explored to treat allergies. However, only few of those are currently in clinical trials mostly at Phase 1 and Phase stages, including spleen tyrosine kinase (syk) inhibitor and Interleukin 13 (IL-13) inhibitor.
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Milestone technology delivers powerful surveillance that is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations around the world. With support for the widest choice in network hardware and integration with other systems, XProtect provides best-in-class solutions to video enable organizations managing risks, protecting people and assets, optimizing processes and reducing costs. Milestone software is sold through authorized and certified partners. For more information, visit: . Milestone Press Contacts: Joss Svendsen PR Manager EMEAEmail: jos@milestone.dkTel. +45 28 529 383 Courtney Dillon Pedersen PR Manager Americas & APACEmail: cdp@milestonesys.comTel. +1 503 719-3439 ((M2 Communications disclaims all liability for information provided within M2 PressWIRE. Data supplied by named party/parties.
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Medical Alert Devices That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

Wichita man uses medical alert button to stop assault

Some other major players in the industry that are a little less expensive (under $30 per month) include: LifeFone , LifeStation , Bay Alarm Medical , Alert1 , LifeGuardian and MedicalAlert . One other unique product worth consideration is the MediPendant which runs under $35 a month. This system allows your mom to speak and listen to the operator directly through the SOS pendant, versus the base station speaker phone, which often makes for easier communication. No-Fee Alerts If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider a no-fee medical alert device that doesn’t have professional monitoring services. These products, which also come with an “SOS” button and a home base station, are pre-programmed to dial personal contacts (relatives, friends, caregivers or 911) if the SOS button is pushed. Most devices store about four phone numbers, and the system dials each number one-by-one until a connection is made. If you like this style, the Freedom Alert made by LogicMark is a good product that allows you to speak through the pendent.
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Bay Alarm Medical Launches New Cellular Medical Alert Option

The incident happened Wednesday evening in the 800 block of South Hydraulic. A 57-year-old man said a man and a woman knocked on his door. He recognized the woman and let them in. The 57-year-old man said he was pushed onto a couch and tased. The couple demanded he sell them lortabs, a pain medication. The 57-year-old hit his medical alert button, which contacts 911. The suspects left his home without taking anything.
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Pros & Cons of Medical Alert

Want to improve your health? Learn more about LIVESTRONG.COM’s nutrition and fitness program! Safety One of the pros to the medical alert system is that it provides a piece of mind to the person using the device as well as her family. A positive side of this system would be that some devices are equipped with the button for the person to push and a sensor to detect a sudden fall. If a fall occurs suddenly and the person is injured, this sensor would call the medical alert company for help. But one negative side comes from the fact some devices are only equipped with a button for the person to push when she needs assistance. For the people with this type of device, there is lack of security if they fall and are incapacitated because no one would be alerted or will respond if the person cannot call for help. This particular problem should be considered by the elderly or disabled person and their family before choosing one system over another.
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20, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Bay Alarm Medical ( ), one of the nation’s leading medical alarm companies, today announced the launch of its new cellular medical alarm. The new service allows seniors without a landline telephone to get the same 24/7 alarm monitoring available through the company’s traditional service. (Photo: ) “Today’s reality is that many households are choosing not to have a landline telephone,” says Alan Wu, marketing manager for Bay Alarm Medical. “Those households need a medical alert that works without a traditional phone.” The new service uses the same one-button alarm system that allows seniors to call for help if they experience a fall or other medical emergency. But unlike traditional medical alert systems, the cellular alarm system contains a built-in connection to the AT&T cellular network that allows it to contact Bay Alarm Medical’s monitoring centers 24 hours a day. The AT&T cellular network provides reliable nationwide coverage to nearly all parts of the country. Seniors do not need to be AT&T cellular subscribers to use Bay Alarm Medical’s cellular option. The system can only be used for medical alarm monitoring, and is not a substitute for a person-to-person cell phone. Bay Alarm Medicals’ cellular medical alert system is available for $39.95 per month, making it one of the most affordable cellular medical alerts on the market, according to Wu. For more information about the new service, visit About Bay Alarm Medical Bay Alarm Medical is an arm of Bay Alarm, one of the nation’s oldest alarm monitoring companies. The company offers high quality medical alert systems together with 24/7 monitoring by professionally trained emergency operators who contact family members, friends, neighbors and, if necessary, local 911 emergency services. The service is available across the U.S.
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Medical alert button spooks home invader

in the 4100 block of Crippen Road, which runs off Maynardville Pike, according to records. The intruder has not been captured. The victim told police she was in bed when she heard a loud noise “and then the (intruder) was standing over her, shaking her by the arms, and asking if she was OK,” the report states. When the woman asked the man who he was, he gave her a full name and said, “I’m here to make sure that you are OK,” according to the report. The woman activated the medical alert device she wore around her neck. When a voice responded over the intercom system to her call, the suspect snatched at the necklace “in an attempt to get the alert button away” from the woman, the report states. That act caused a burn on the victim’s neck and a cut on her right middle finger.
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Alertfon: The First Cell Phone With A Panic Button Launches On Indiegogo

AlertFon, the emergency and medical alert cell phone Red Button on back of AlertFon is panic button  ...

“Reducing emergency response time is priceless, and we are making the priceless affordable,” says Roey Urman, co-founder of AlertFon. During our launch on indiegogo, we are offering a special discounted price and selling the AlertFon for only $25, with monthly service plans starting at just $15 a month, and with no contract. For 50-cents a day, it’s a no brainer! Unlike other services that only work in the home, AlertFon works wherever you go, as long as you have your phone with you. No dialing 911 and waiting for a response. Our operators react immediately by getting you the help you need, states Urman. All you have to do is push the large alert button on the back of the phone. You dont even have to speak and you dont have to dial any numbers. Just push the alert button and instantly get an emergency operator response. The AlertFon team is committed to corporate responsibility and helping others, so during its indiegogo campaign , the company is running a Buy One, Give One campaign.
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Medical Alert Devices That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

— Searching Daughter Dear Searching: There are a wide variety of medical alert systems on the market today that can help keep elderly seniors safe, while living in their own home. Here’s a breakdown of some different styles and prices to help you choose. Monitored Alerts The most popular medical alert systems available today are the ones that will connect your mom to a 24-hour emergency monitoring service when she needs help. These units come with waterproof “SOS” buttons — typically in the form of a necklace pendent or bracelet — and a base station that connects to her home phone line. At the press of a button, your mom could call and talk to a trained operator through the system’s base station receiver, which works like a powerful speaker phone. The operator will find out what’s wrong and will notify family members, a neighbor, friend or emergency services as needed. If you’re interested in this type of alert, there are literally dozens of services to choose from. One of the most widely used is the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service , which costs $35 per month, plus an $82 start-up fee.
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medical alert buttons

medical alert

They unnecessarily seize the attention and sympathy, that the sufferers don’t get pleasure from much. Hence, fashionable medical alert necklace is the best choice that completes all traits of a medical gadget, while medical alert service still looking stylish. In the sector of other medication, medical alert jewellery just isn’t a brand new idea. That’s it. Every medical alert system serves just one goal – elevating an alarm throughout a hazard. Despite this truth, these programs come in different forms and sizes and the choice of device varies from individual to individual. There are many other elements that patrons should care about when shopping for such an important device. American Medical ID and Universal Medical ID offer medical alert service quality medical IDs that, in a medical emergency, alert medics or other medical professionals to provide prompt, exact treatment.
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Man steals 88-year-old’s medic alert button during home invasion

“He roughed me around. He kind of… I just don’t know, it was done so fast,” Jackson said. Jackson showed Willis how she’s still bandaged after the attack that left her bruised, bloody and shaken. Deputies said the man forced his way into her home after a brief conversation through a screen door. As he grabbed cash, jewelry and her wallet, Jackson said she tried to inch her way to the phone and then had an idea to use her medical alert button. “I thought, ‘Why am I doing that when I have this right here?’ and I started to use it,” Jackson said. Then she said the man stole that from her as well.
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Medical alert button spooks home invader

The victim told police she was in bed when she heard a loud noise “and then the (intruder) was standing over her, shaking her by the arms, and asking if she was OK,” the report states. When the woman asked the man who he was, he gave her a full name and said, “I’m here to make sure that you are OK,” according to the report. The woman activated the medical alert device she wore around her neck. When a voice responded over the intercom system to her call, the suspect snatched at the necklace “in an attempt to get the alert button away” from the woman, the report states. That act caused a burn on the victim’s neck and a cut on her right middle finger. The suspect then darted from the home without taking a thing.
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